BOW management visited several United States to promote Palestine

Monday, 23 February 2015 00:00

BOW strategy is export-oriented and outward looking. BOW has already begun the process of integrating with regional and international economies through a network of trade agreements and trade associations.

Group of Bow management visited several United States, Washington, Chicago, and Minnesota in attempt to achieve its goal in improving access to foreign markets and overcoming the obstacles hindering the movement of people, goods and services to these markets.

BOW encouraged Investment in Palestine not merely to increase the size of the economy, but also to increase private sector employment, generate income, and improve living standards. BOW visited Kenworth offices and met several of its Key People. A move towards increased per capita prosperity will additionally have the overall effect of potentially stabilizing tensions in the region.

Bow’s step is not only good for us, but it’s good for the Middle East as a whole