PM Group SpA & Oil & Steel Export visited BOW offices

Monday, 23 February 2015 00:00

BOW works closely with others to build our way to success. This weekday, PM Group SpA, a leading Italian manufacturer of truck mounted hydraulic cranes, and Oil & Steel, an industrial company that designs, manufactures and markets high quality platforms for overhead work all over the world, visited BOW to discuss how we can open a well standing relationship.

In this meeting, we introduce our newest innovation in machines markets. We discussed how to judge the quality of products to make the good selection to be able to provide your client with the best products and satisfy their updated needs.

 PM Group SpA, and Oil & Steel are interested to conduct business with BOW. We agree upon conducting partnership agreement. This will help BOW to improve its product services based on the experiences of well-known international business in this field.  

Through this relationship, BOW believe that it will achieve its goals to make a well standing “MADE IN PALESTINE” machines.